Why Us?

Risk free Investment

We introduce a joyful and reliable income with risk free investment.

Very Simple System

We’ve made our system so easy to replicate, it’s hard to fail.

New Way of Investment

Ultimately, we believe that the old way to financial freedom is slow & complex.

5% Monthly Benefit

You can enjoy it by taking up to 5% monthly basis profit through out your investment.

Higher Growth

200% growth of your amount in 20 months.

Extra Bonus

We also provide some extra level based and bonus incentive for our clients.


up to 5%
Self-Investment Monthly Benefit
up to 1.9%
Five Multi Level Income
up to 1%
Bonus Income
up to 72%
independent Yearly Benefit
Multiple Rewards
Multiple Rewards

About Globose

Globose Unified Private Limited incorporated with MCA on 11 March 2020. The Globose Unified Private Limited is listed in the class of company and classified as Non Gov. Company. This company is registered at Registrar of Companies(ROC), Jharkhand. GLOBOSE UNIFIED is our ® Trade Mark, We started the journey by growing mushroom since 2014 under the non-governmental organization (NGO) named “SNEHIL FOUDATION”. The registration number of the NGO is: 9752/2011? (06-08-2011). It was established in the year 2011. The organization works towards the promotion of sustainable development. The organization operates in Jharkhand, India.

In August 2021, We wanted to find a system that could truly help everyone prosper… and that’s when The GLOBOSE UNIFIED PVT. LTD. FOREX CONCEPT was born! As ‘The New Era of Earning’

Our company supports a unique concept of our government called as “SWAROJGAR YOJNA” and we are defining it in a better way around the country.


  • • Any clients can activate their ID by selecting in any of our three packages, which we have described as MICRO, STANDARD or ULTRA.
  • • You must obtain proper receipt of any payment made by you towards the purchase of products packages in any of our authorised office.
  • • The firm shall not be responsible for remittance made at any other place or to any clients.
  • • Any individual whose age is 18 years or above and residing in India is eligible to become our clients.
  • • For the purchase of products you have to make full payment of the respective amount at one time.
  • • Any Client may be terminated / suspended from the firm if (1) He join any MLM firm of the same nature, (2) he is found misguiding / convicting any other MLM business to Client of our firm, (3) He /She misbehaves at the Authorised office during visit / meeting / seminars.
  • • All Client should make themselves aware of all Commencements, Rules, Regulations, Policies, Circulars and Products of the firm from time to time.
  • • The Client will not have any authority, right to incur any debt / liabilities / obligations on behalf of the firm.
  • • The firm shall in no way be held responsible if any claims made by any independent Client regarding any payment any specified time period of any payment not supported by firm on an individual basis.
  • • The Client shall not make any such claims / commitments to the general public about the firm his position if that are not suspected by the firm are impracticable.
  • • The Client shall not try to promote any product / service that are not provided by the firm by falsely impressing the general public / fellow Client that the product and services are supplied by the firm.
  • • The Client are not to use the Trade mark symbols, slogans of the firm for any purpose other than as specified by the firm.
  • • The firm shall have the right to make any amendment in the Business Plan, Rules and Commission if necessary and the independent Client shall abide by such changes.
  • • Upon the death of the independent Client the rights and the responsibilities of the independent Client are passed on to rightful nominee as per the law. The nominee shall be bound by the term and condition of the Client and abides by the companies rules and regulation.
  • • We recognizes the Introducer as shown on the first entered original applicant, dated by the applicant and entered into the computer system. No claim with respect to wrong introducer ID put by the applicant will be entertained by the firm.
  • • We reserves the right to reject any applicant without assigning any reason.
  • • All payment for the client get credited to their account on or before 6 th day of every month.
  • • TDS will be deducted from all the incomes received from the company as per the Central Govt. rules and regulation in force.
  • • For the withdrawal of your investment, you need to apply for self investment withdrawal from client dashboard, the withdrawal with the current till date benefits will get credited on the registered account within the upcoming Payout.
  • • If the client self investment become zero, then the account will become deactive and all the team benefits will get stopped.
  • • Zero account (deactive account) didn’t get considered in level count. They can not be allowed to create a new client ID from their account.